We are preferred vendors for many insurance companies in the state of Florida. This means all of our licenses, insurance, and capabilities have been vetted and we are a trusted roofing contractor in the state.

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It truly takes a professional roofing contractor inspection to determine a roof’s condition and lifespan. Many times, home and business owners view their roofs and they “look” fine. This may not actually be the case. There are many factors that contribute to the decline of a roof’s functionality. Time, harsh sun and heat, and weather events all play a role. There are things like loss of lamination, brittle, cracked, broken, impacted shingles that aren’t typically visible to the untrained eye. As licensed General Contractors and Roofing Contractors, we have the experience to give you a detailed and factual opinion of your roof’s condition.

Good2Go Roofing and Construction LLC is a full-service construction company in Tarpon Springs, Florida that specialized in the recovery of communities devastated by natural disasters. Our owners consist of a fully licensed Florida Building Contractor, Roofing Contractor, and a Florida Licensed Insurance Adjuster. Together we have a combined 60 years’ experience processing large loss claims and helping people rebuild.

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