Choosing the right contractor, as is the case with selecting any service provider, requires adequate due diligence. Finding the right contractor tailored to your needs when beginning any roofing or construction project is crucial to the project’s success. Investing some time upfront in finding a quality contractor who is a good fit for a said project can help save hours and, most importantly, headaches.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right contractor for your needs. While the cost quoted by the contractor can and should be an essential factor when making the selection, it most certainly shouldn’t be the only factor. It is vital to avoid making the same mistakes most people make in the selection process.

Here are some common mistakes people make when choosing a roofing and construction contractor.

1. Using price as the only criteria of selection
The most common mistake people make when choosing a contractor is basing their decision purely on price. It’s easy to understand why people do this; however, it’s a pretty bad idea. Is the contractor using quality materials? Are they skilled in their trade? According to experts, the least expensive project is the one done the first time correctly. If the contractor is offering his services at an unbelievably low price, they could be cutting corners or, worse, desperate for work. In an ideal scenario, it’s better to spend a little extra and get someone you feel confident about when hiring a contractor.

2. Believing that experience is worth its weight in gold 
Many people only hire companies that have been in business for decades. While this is understandable, many don’t consider that just because a company has been around forever doesn’t mean it does things the best way possible. There are many companies fitting this description that don’t stay up to speed on some of the more modern ways of producing a quality product and taking proper care of a client. One should not assume the way things have always been done is the best. Instead, look for ingenuity, commitment, and genuine care for clients.

3. Blindly accepting their insurance company estimate 
When insurance is involved, most people accept their insurance company estimate without question. We all like to think we can trust our insurance company, but they too are run by humans. They can make mistakes just like us all. We have found that since they are not contractors, they don’t always take into account all of the facets required in any one type of project. For example: Do they know all new roofs on older homes need to have the decking re-nailed? Are they allowing the funds to do so? It’s always best to have a licensed contractor familiar with the insurance claims industry to produce a proper estimate, present it to the insurance company and ensure the scope and value approved is what is needed to provide a quality repair.

4. Hiring an attorney prematurely
Many people hire an attorney prematurely. Understandably, the claims process and reconstruction process can be daunting, and feeling the need for assistance is absolutely normal. However, hiring a contractor used to operating in the insurance claims world can save you over 30% of the value approved by your carrier. It is wise to exhaust your efforts with an experienced contractor working with your carrier before hiring an expensive attorney. After paying attorney fees, one may not have enough funds to complete the project.

5. Not pulling permits
Many commit the classic mistake of not pulling permits. Some folks will hire a non-licensed laborer to put on their roof and remodel a portion of their home. Of course, the motivation here is to save money. Unfortunately, should the city authorities find out about this, all of that work would need to be inspected and passed. This can mean the roof or renovation needs to be ‘undone’ to visually inspect craftsmanship. This also limits the homeowners’ ability to seek assistance with any issues, as if there’s no permit, the work never happened.

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